Temescal in 1873

A lot can be learned about a place by glancing at the local newspaper. Take Temescal in 1873, for instance. The area was buzzing with activity—the bridge over Temescal Creek had recently been completed, there were at least a half-dozen saloons in the area, and the Berkeley Railway which transported people between the nearby cities of Oakland and Berkeley was running every 15 minutes. But it was also a town experiencing growing pains—Telegraph Avenue was a mess of mud, and…

Oakland North presents: History of Temescal

Today, Oakland North is taking a look back at the history of the Temescal district with a few snapshots of what the area used to be like and look like, and who lived here. We’ll be publishing stories throughout the day, so check back for more.

A creek ran through it

The physical evidence today is scarce, but Temescal began with the creek. Most of the section of Temescal Creek that runs through the Temescal district has been covered up. Over the years, the creek was gradually culverted through the flat lands of North Oakland, and many younger residents of the area today may not know that it even exists. But where the bustling intersection of 51st Street and Telegraph Avenue is located today was once a popular relaxation destination for…

I’ll see you down at the club

For nearly 100 years, the Colombo Club has been the heart and soul of Temescal’s historic Italian community. With almost 1,000 members today, the Columbo Club is the largest private Italian social club west of the Mississippi River. Oakland North reporter Megan Molteni goes down to the club to learn about its long and storied history.

Temescal Street Fair in photos

Check out photos of the 8th Annual Temescal Street Fair on Sunday. Thousands of people crammed into seven blocks of Telegraph Avenue, from 51st Street to 45th, on Sunday afternoon to eat popcorn and hotdogs, dance, shop and walk around.

Work on Temescal mural almost completed

A mural on the Highway 24 underpass at 52nd Street in Temescal that has been in the works for two years is close to completion. All that’s left is a little touch-up work and approval from BART to work on the two remaining blank columns. “It’s been an arduous process trying to work with the city bureaucracy trying to get this thing painted,” said Darlene Rios Drapkin, executive director of the Temescal Telegraph Business Improvement District. “We’re almost there,” she…

Council hears two differing appeals for police tactics in Fruitvale

Two public safety debates dominated the Oakland City Council meeting on Tuesday: local merchants pleaded for increased policing and other neighbors turned out to oppose the planned Fruitvale gang injunction. The two discussions bookended a lengthy examination of plans to remodel the Telegraph Avenue McDonald’s.