Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland, Wed night in the streets, video footage just shot

Reporters from Oakland North and Richmond Confidential are shooting cellphone videos Wednesday evening as the Occupy Oakland protests move noisily into the streets, with BART and city police trying to corral their movements and keep them out of downtown BART stations. This raw footage was captured between 9 and 11:00 PM.

Peaceful Occupy Oakland crowd returns to City Center plaza Wednesday night

After Mayor Jean Quan’s first public comments Wednesday on the police raids of the Occupy Oakland encampments the day before, protesters returned to Frank Ogawa Plaza and gathered a nighttime standing-room only crowd into a “general assembly” meeting outside City Hall. A long crowd discussion led to a late–night vote urging a citywide general strike Nov. 2.

Group seeks to recall Oakland Mayor Jean Quan

As police and Occupy Oakland protesters squared off in front of City Hall this week, organizers of a recall campaign took their first formal steps this week toward an effort to remove Mayor Jean Quan from office.

Protesters clash with police throughout evening as tear gas fills the air

After a day of clashes with police, approximately 150 Occupy Oakland protesters remained outside of Frank Ogawa Plaza as midnight approached. There were at least five new arrests as of 9:15 pm this evening, according to police, and 97 were arrested during the day after police raided two Occupy Oakland encampments at Frank Ogawa Plaza and Snow Park near Lake Merritt.

The Occupy Oakland eviction in photos

Around 4:30 am Tuesday, police raided the Occupy Oakland camp in front of City Hall that was created on October 10 and grew in size to over 100 protesters and tents. This is a slide show of the best photographs that Oakland North reporters took throughout the course of the day as events unfolded.