Occupy Oakland

Oakland celebrates Older Americans Month with dance and a public gathering

Senior citizens from Oakland performed in front of nearly 100 people at Frank H.Ogawa Plaza on Wednesday for the city’s 8th annual Older Americans Month celebration. The site, which has become synonymous with the Occupy Oakland protests, was transformed into a concert hall where folk dancers and Baby Boomers took center stage, despite some disruptions from Occupy protesters.

Video project examines Occupy Oakland from different viewpoints

The inspiration for a web project that contains interviews with 16 people “involved or impacted” by Occupy Oakland came from an exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California that documents the year 1968. “We thought, ‘What we would have done if we had a time machine and could go back to 1968 with a camera and a notebook?’” said Alex Abramovich, a journalist, artist and one of the co-creators of the project. “’What did we wish someone had done?’”

Occupy Oakland’s May Day in photos

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Oakland on Tuesday as part of Occupy Oakland’s May Day protest. Oakland North reporters were on the scene throughout the day, from the morning protests at Child Protection Services, to the nighttime clashes between protesters and police.

Photos of the early morning May Day protest at Child Protective Services

Early this morning at the start of day-long series of marches planned for May Day, a group of more than 100 protestors gathered to protest what they call the “patriarchal capitalistic system.” The group convened on the front steps of the Child Protective Services near Jack London Square as police barricaded the entrance.

OPD changing its crowd control policy

Nearly six months after the first clashes between police officers and Occupy Oakland protesters in the middle of downtown Oakland garnered national attention, the Oakland Police Department is changing its crowd control policies, chief Howard Jordan announced at a press conference on Monday afternoon.