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An abandoned shopping cart is surrounded by tarps, a mattress, broken glass, and other trash on Wood Street, 18th Street. Photo by Briana Flin.

Oaklanders tackle illegal trash dumping in their neighborhoods

Illegal dumping has plagued the city of Oakland for more than 20 years. Today, the problem is worse than ever and it is affecting residents, businesses and government leaders alike.
Jeralynn Blueford addresses the city council on Tuesday evening, as family members look on as they hold photos of Alan Blueford, who was shot and killed by police May 5.

City Council approves ordinance to hold banks responsible for blighted homes in default process

The city of Oakland has a program that charges fines for banks that fail to maintain blighted homes that have been foreclosed upon that the bank now owns. On Tuesday night, the city council voted...
Dre'Von Stanley, 20, sprays a glass wall in East Oakland with paint remover while Jason Christian, 31, peels the paint off with a metal scraper.

Ex-offenders and low-income youth help reduce vandalism in Oakland through graffiti abatement program

Oakland Community and Economic Development Agency has partnered with service organizations to create job opportunities for out-of-work youth while mitigating blight in the city’s commercial corridors. The city’s partnership with Men of Valor, a non-profit...