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Black farmers gather in Oakland to discuss gentrification and the future of their community

Black farmers gather in Oakland to discuss food deserts, the future, and the history of their community.

Plans to build grocery store in West Oakland delayed by rising cost of property

Brahm Ahmadi of West Oakland has been trying for years to open the People’s Community Market—his planned 10,000 to 20,000 square-foot grocery store—in the middle of an Oakland food desert. The People’s Community Market, as...
Soils throughout parts of Oakland may be contaminated by lead, a remnant of the city's industrial past.

A caution for Oakland’s urban gardeners: lead in the city’s soil

In neighborhoods like West and East Oakland, you can drive for miles without passing even one grocery store. To fight food scarcity, a lot of neighborhoods have started to claim vacant lots and turn them...
The California Healthy Food Financing Initiative could help bring produce stands and other sources of healthy food to under-served communities.

Healthy foods bill could bring more grocery stores and farmers’ markets to East and West Oakland

The California Healthy Food Financing Initiative (CHFFI) landed on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk last week, after the state Senate and Assembly both voted to approve it by a wide margin. If signed by the governor,...