Adam and Jeralynn Blueford, the parents of Alan Blueford, who was shot and killed by police on May 6, speak out at a Tuesday, Sept. 18 meeting of the Oakland City Council. Photo by Angela Hart.

Oakland Police Officer Miguel Masso was justified in shooting and killing Alan Blueford and prosecutors will not press charges based on their investigation, a report released Tuesday by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office states. Masso had probable cause to believe Blueford, an 18-year-old Skyline High senior, posed a serious threat to him and other…

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Adam Blueford, father of Alan Blueford, addresses supporters outside the Eastmont police substation on Sept. 29. Adam Blueford said the family and their supporters sought answers about Alan Blueford's death in the crime reports released Wednesday. Photo by Sam Masunaga.

In the early morning hours of May 6, 18 year-old Alan Blueford was with two other individuals in East Oakland, on the 1900 block of 90th Avenue, when the group was approached by two Oakland police officers who thought they might have a gun.

When the officers were detaining the individuals, Blueford fled, running east on Olive St., turning south on 92nd Avenue and then east on Birch St. Oakland police officer Miguel Masso gave chase.

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