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In new collection, librarian-poet pens odes to Oakland

Throughout the years, Oakland librarian Nina Lindsay shelved books, helped cardholders with reference questions, and aided children in interpreting their school assignments, sometimes with instructions from teachers that were somewhat lost in translation. As she...
A squirrel accepts a walnut from a lofty palm tree perch.

Squirrel photographers showcase Oakland’s furry residents in new exhibit

Hella Damn Squirrels has been in full operation since 2013. The group only consists of two people, Hale and her boyfriend Toppano, partners in squirrel photography from the very beginning. They focus solely on the...

Thursday morning, 11 am

Oakland North reporters went out to different locations across Oakland on Thursday, October 22, between 11 a.m. and noon to observe what happens throughout the city on an ordinary weekday morning.
Sophie Elkin reads her poetry at the Oakland Public Library. Photo by Chloe Shi.

Oakland’s unconventional third Youth Poet Laureate finds her voice

17-year-old Sophie Elkin, named Oakland's 3rd Youth Poet Laureate in August, writes about what she knows: the grit and grandeur of Oakland’s people and places and the less tangible but no less real world of...
Nicole Neditch, online engagement manager in the city administrator's office, takes notes as participants pitch ideas on what data to hack.

Oakland tech community hosts International Open Data Day hackathon in East Oakland

It is easy to think of hackers as criminals. It’s intuitive, maybe because of Hollywood’s depiction of hackers as invasive, ninja-like evil geniuses, who can download all of your personal data in a few minutes...

The architecture of Oakland: Howden and Sons building

Many of the reporters at Oakland North are new to the Bay Area, and one of the first things we noticed while touring the city was its beautiful and sometimes unusual architecture. On the reporting...
Stephanie Yun is recognized as Oakland's youth poet laureate at the Flor y Canto Festival on Saturday.

Oakland names first ever youth poet laureate

Stephanie Yun, 18, was named Oakland’s first ever youth poet laureate last week. She was honored by Juan Felipe Herrera, California’s poet laureate and a judge for the competition, at the Flor y Canto Festival.