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OUSD Chief Business Officer Marcus Battle updates the Board on the district's finances. (Photo by Mickey Capper)

Following budget cuts, Oakland schools close year with surprising budget surplus

At an Oakland Unified School Board meeting on Wednesday, it was revealed that the district ended the 2017-18 school year ended with a $29 million surplus, instead of the estimated $1.4 million deficit.

Students across the East Bay stage protests in response to Trump electoral victory

On Wednesday, students at four East Bay high schools staged walkouts in protest of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, while #NotMyPresident trended on social media.

Incumbents sweep Oakland City Council and school board elections

Sitting Oakland city council and school board members won’t have to get out of their chairs; incumbents swept the seven combined seats up for re-election Tuesday. Still, many candidates say their victors were soured by the...
OUSD board members listen to speakers at this week's meeting. L-R: Vice President Nina Senn, President James Harris, Superintendent Antwan Wilson, and Student Director Darius Aikens. Photo by Cassady Rosenblum.

OUSD board addresses student protests, safety issues

Student safety and the role of the Oakland School Police Department were at the forefront of Wednesday’s Oakland Unified School Board meeting, as board members, parents and OSPD Chief Jeff Godown spoke emotionally of recent...

New faces join Oakland City Council, School Board ranks

After months of fundraising, campaigning and speeches all around the city, five new faces will join the Oakland City Council and the city’s school board. Some of them have never held public office before; others...
Measure J infographic

Measure J, bonds for school facilities: How much would it add to tax bills?

Oakland residents will vote on November 6 whether to allow the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to issue $475 million in bonds to repair school facilities and start new projects.
Oakland Superintendent Tony Smith at Wednesday's school board meeting. Photo by Nausheen Husain.

OUSD board postpones discussion of federal inquiry at first meeting of the year

In their first meeting of the 2012-13 school year, Oakland Unified School District board members decided Wednesday evening to postpone one of the highly anticipated items on the agenda: a discussion about the district’s response...
Parents drop off their kids to Piedmont Elementary in Oakland during the first week of school.

Former Lakeview Elementary parents and students adjust to new schools

Zarina Ahmad, principal of Piedmont Avenue Elementary in Oakland, put extra effort this year into creating a bright first day of school. She and her staff pasted a class list to the outside wall, with...

Outraged parents confront OUSD board over school closures

Although Oakland school board members have said they will not vote on school closures until Oct 26, scores of irritated speakers crowded Wednesday night’s meeting to plead for a second, third, and even fourth look...

At OUSD school board meeting, parents and students rallied against proposed school closures

An emotional Oakland Unified School District board meeting that attracted hundreds of agitated parents and children went on until nearly midnight, though the board took no action in its controversial plan to close or consolidate...
OUSD board member Noel Gallo addresses protesting parents, faculty, and staff from Kaiser Elementary School during a facilities board meeting Tuesday.

Oakland school board to decide school closures

The agenda for Oakland’s school board meeting on Tuesday, including a complete list of schools recommended for closure by superintendent Tony Smith, will be available online Friday afternoon, the schools' spokesman said.