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Plaid Friday placard displayed in the window of Marion and Rose's Workshop in Old Oakland. The shop's owner, Kerri Johnson, started Plaid Friday in 2009.

Oakland’s Plaid Friday offers localized shopping alternatives to Black Friday

Shoppers looking for an alternative to the post-Thanksgiving melee of Black Friday will find one in Oakland. A strong “shop local” push has developed in the city over the past few years, and this year’s...
Manifesto Bicycles is one of six pop-up stores coming to Old Oakland this December, as part of neighborhood revitalization called "popuphood."

“Pop-up” stores to try transforming part of downtown Oakland this December

This December, a "pop-up" neighborhood is coming to Old Oakland: three downtown blocks of hip—albeit temporary—retail shops that showcase local designers, artists and goods...just in time for holiday shopping.