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At Eve’s Waterfront, a new chef takes charge of the ship

Brandon Peacock is now captain of a ship. That ship is actually a restaurant—Eve’s Waterfront, the newest establishment to inhabit the waterfront property on the edge of Jack London Square. Peacock isn’t known for any particular style of food—whatever he does, he does well, whether it’s ramen from scratch, decadent mac and cheese, short ribs…

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Gourmet restaurants, art galleries revive Oakland’s Auto Row on Broadway

Nearly full on a Monday night, Mua Bar and Restaurant is at the center of Broadway Auto Row's transition from auto hub to cultural enclave.

Once a hub of automobile commerce, Broadway Auto Row is fast becoming a cultural enclave, thanks to the gentle prodding and financial investment of an eclectic group of gallerists, restaurateurs and niche shop owners who are mixing the old (and big) with the new (and small) to create a hybrid commercial corridor that keeps money flowing through the street from day to night and back again.

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Mariposa Baking offers the sweet life to the gluten-free

There is nothing more disappointing than comfort food that causes discomfort. People with allergies to gluten—a protein found in wheat, rye and barley—have to say no to pizza, pasta and pastries made using traditional ingredients. But there is a haven for the gluten-free tucked away in a red brick alley in Temescal.

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Oakland bar The Punchdown offers natural, sustainably produced wine

wine bar

If winemaking is an art, consider The Punchdown Oakland’s newest gallery. The uptown bar, which opened its doors at 2212 Broadway in December, offers wine connoisseurs and neophytes alike a polished, unpretentious space to sip, nibble and chat. But be warned: there’s no Yellowtail on tap at The Punchdown—the bar only carries natural, sustainably produced wines.

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