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Kapor Capital hosts hackathon to promote diversity

Kapor Capital hosted a hackathon competition this weekend to “hack bias” out of the workplace. Dozens of coders, designers, recruiters and advocates—the vast majority of whom were women and minorities—competed in teams to build tech products that prevent bias and increase diversity and inclusion at work.

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How Oakland’s startup scene is trying to do tech right

Oakland's home-grown startup scene emphasizes community.

For years, Oakland has been the subject of startup-centric speculation: Is it about to blow up into the Bay Area’s next tech hub? Will San Francisco’s astronomical rents drive companies out of SoMa and across the bridge? There’s plenty of reason to bet “yes” on both. While the tech sector accounts for only about three…

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Oakland at Work: The Hidden Genius Project

Eugene Lemon’s first exposure to computers was in an East Oakland high school in 1964 when a teacher allowed him to play tic-tac-toe sometimes in the class to keep him from “tearing the classroom up.” He retired from a 20-year teaching career in 2012, but he continues to work every day at The Hidden Genius…

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