Adoptable animals of the week: Kirk and Spock

Oakland North is continuing with our feature. Every week, Oakland Animal Services will spotlight an “Animal of the Week” that’s up for adoption at their facility. This week it’s a pair of rabbits named Kirk and Spock.

Kirk and Spock are a closely bonded pair of rabbit brothers: As you can see in their  photos, they rarely leave each others’ side.  And having a pair of rabbits means   they can happily keep each other company while you are away at work or school.  Then you can come home to two cozy friends to share the couch with and to listen to your daily adventures.  These two boys are mellow and will quickly adapt to anyhouse floor rug to lounge out (possibly right underneath your feet or chair).  As shelter residents since 5/19/12, their adoption fees have been waived and rabbit care supplies can be provided!  Consider giving Kirk and Spock a home for the holidays.

You can see their Petfinder profile at or visit Oakland Animal Services at 1101 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA.

Part of the Oakland Police Department, Oakland Animal Services is both an Animal Control unit–which is in charge of the city’s public safety and animal welfare–and a shelter, which helps abused, neglected and abandoned animals within its facility.

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