Photo by Anne Sunderland

Sunset on Lake Merritt. Photo by Anne Sunderland, our Community Photo of the Week for September 17, 2014.

We’re off for the summer — see you in September!

Oakland North is a project of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, and now that it’s summer, our students are on break to work internships at other publications. We’ll be back to train a new class of student reporters in early September. If you’ve found us over the summer, here are a few highlights from the...

You Tell Us: Oakland needs a Department of Transportation

Mayor Libby Schaaf’s 384-page proposed budget includes a subtle but potentially significant change to the structure of Oakland’s city government: the creation of a Department of Transportation (DOT). It turns out Oakland has never, in its 162-year history, had a department dedicated to transportation. This omission is long overdue for correction, which needs to occur...

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