Live Wire: Zydeco at Just Dance Ballroom

Zudeco Still

Last Friday, I went to an awesome Zydeco show at The Just Dance Ballroom. They welcomed Cedryl Ballou and Corey Ledet for a really great show that got everyone’s feet movin’. This was one show in a weekly series of live Zydeco shows at The Just Dance studio. It is just one of the many styles of dance they offer lessons in to cater to anyone’s style and speed. (

Special thanks to Louisiana Sue who has the best gumbo in town!

Let me know if there are any hot live music venues in the Oakland area that Live Wire should check out – leave me the details in the ‘comments’ section.


  1. S Pressley

    Hi Lauren,
    Can’t seem to get the video to play – any tips?

  2. rhernandez Staff

    do you have the latest version of the flash player installed? If not try the link below:

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