MIX MEDIA: People loved Uptown Unveiled in Oakland


Hundreds of residents from all over the San Francisco Bay Area gathered in downtown Oakland for Uptown Unveiled.  Party goers enjoyed music, food, local artists, fashion designers and restaurants that promoted Oakland’s image as fun, hip and revolutionary.


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  1. Brian

    Great vid. You really captured the feeling of the street party. Makes me so proud to live in Oakland.

  2. g.miranda

    One of best street parties I’ve every been to… and I’m an SF girl who’s been to parties in every neighborhood in SF for many,many years! Luv it!

    If the vibe was cool for a 49-year old, 12-year old, and 16-year old, you know that’s exactly what Oakland needs!

    Best music to keep you groovin, great street entertainment… skateboarders, blacksmithing, and the street art had all of us highly impressed!

    And, because everyone kept it peaceful, not too packed, I give it a 10+. Maybe weekday was best for this.

  3. Micaela

    Best street party/festival I’ve ever been to, very beautiful…..was hoping the Oakland Scraperbike crew would show up, that was the only thing missing.

  4. Nicole

    Our family of three went and really loved it. There were thousands of people happily enjoying the music, street performers, and each other. It was great to promote the local restaurants, but there could have been more food booths or carts for the dinner-hour crowds (and one BBQ stand, Looney’s from Berkeley? Weird!). We had a lovely meal at Franklin Square Wine Bar. We didn’t wait in the line last night, but can’t wait to see the redone Fox inside–hope they do family-friendly shows like the $5 movies at the Paramount (sometimes, at leat). Final recommendation for the organizers: have fewer bands, playing longer. Seemed like most of the stages were in set-change mode more than playing-music mode! My husband said they should have this event every Friday night! Oaklanders forever…

  5. Christine

    Thanks for this video – it really captures the energy that night. I forgot my camera so really glad to find this!

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