With hiphop & iPods, Tech’s Homecoming is both classic and new

Last Friday was Homecoming at Oakland Tech.  Old standards combined with the new — cheerleaders did their routine to a hip-hop beat, and football players listened to iPods to get ready for the game. Oakland North’s Becky Palmstrom is from Wales, and in this audioslide she finds out something about how this all works in America, where football is played with helmets on. The students were only too happy to explain the meaning of Homecoming, and the rules of “American football,” to their foreign interviewer.

Special thanks to Principal Andujar, who granted access to the events that took place during school hours and are restricted to Oakland Tech students only.


  1. Omolade

    Go Tech!!!!

  2. Julio Andujar

    ” Las caras lindas ” de Oakland Tech

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