Lillian R. Mongeau

Prescott Circus Theatre asks locals to “adopt” a circus

The Prescott Circus Theatre started in 1984 in a second grade classroom at Prescott Elementary in West Oakland. The program has now spread to six other Oakland schools, including Piedmont Avenue Elementary in North Oakland. Kids in the program perform regularly in Oakland and the greater Bay Area. Now they are running low on funds and looking for local business sponsors to keep the juggling bats flying and the unicycles rolling.

Community photos of Earth Day 2011

The official Earth Day is today, April 22, but Oaklanders got started with hikes, clean-ups and plantings last weekend. Check out our slideshow of community-submitted photos. It’s not to late to send in your own photos! Just email them to

Richmond woman shot in Oakland

According to the Oakland Police Department, Beatrice Burton, a 33-year-old female Richmond Resident was shot Monday night in the 3000 Block of Union Street in West Oakland. Burton was brought to the hospital by her boyfriend and officers connected her assault with reports of gunshots and evidence of a shooting recovered at the Union Street location. Burton suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased at 10:31 p.m. Monday night. Oakland Homicide Investigators have assumed control of the investigation.  Anyone…

Students read letters about cuts to Oakland school board

Lacy Lefkowitz teaches ancient history at Claremont Middle School, but last night she gave her students a lesson in current affairs. Six of Lefkowitz’s sixth graders stood before the board to read their letters about what they thought ought to be cut, and what ought to be saved, at their school next year.

Oakland elementary school teachers to keep jobs

There will be no budget-based layoffs of elementary school teachers in Oakland next fall, Deputy Superintendent Maria Santos announced at Wednesday night’s school board meeting. About 230 teachers had received lay-off warning notices in March.

Disabled dancers redefine contemporary dance

AXIS Dance Company’s dancers are exceptional in more ways than most performers. Four of the company’s seven members, including artistic director Judith Smith, have physical disabilities and dance in wheelchairs. Since AXIS’s founding in 1987, its dancers have been exploding conventional notions of contemporary dance.

Mayor Quan reflects on first two months in office

When Jean Quan began campaigning to be the mayor of Oakland, she promised to clean up Oakland’s neighborhoods and improve the city’s schools. Quan’s win surprised those who expected front-runner Don Perata to sweep to victory. But when the new, ranked-choice voting system took second choices into account, Quan pulled ahead. There are big roadblocks for the new mayor, but so far they haven’t slowed her down.

Poll finds California youth optimistic about the future

A newly released poll of 600 young Californians shows that kids today are as optimistic about their futures as ever. The poll, conducted by New America Media and published on Monday, found that 82 percent of respondents believe their lives will be better in 10 years than they are now, and 95 percent believe that if they work hard they will achieve their goals. At the same time, the 16- to 22-year-olds polled said it was taking them longer to…