Walmart of Weed: weGrow a national enterprise

The medical marijuana store previously named iGrow re-opened on Sunday as a national enterprise called weGrow. The opening attracted dozens of reporters and hundreds of visitors to what the owners call the largest store of its kind in the state.  “This is one of the thriving businesses California is going to see,” said Oakland City Council member Jean Quan, one of the city leaders who spoke in favor of the store at the kickoff press conference.

iGrow opened near the Oakland Airport at the beginning of this year, making half a million dollars during its first few months. weGrow Owner Dahr Mann said the rebranding was to prepare for national expansion,  “As we celebrate today, the opening of 75 weGrow stores around the country are already under contract,” Mann said.

Watch this video for glimpse of the megastore some wags have nicknamed the Walmart of Weed.

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  1. Do not buy ballasts from them!!! They ripped me off $400.00 plus tax for bad ballasts from Igrow. Because they have a dispute with with the company, not only they will not refund my money the other company will not refund the money. SO I WAS BURNT BY BOTH COMPANIES. BEWARE!!! I will be starting legal action today! Thank God I used my charge card. Master card it helping me with all the ripp off’s!!! DO NOT SHOP AT WE GROW!!!! KATHY MANTECA, CA

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