Ye Tian


Ye Tian is a student of Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. Tian’s interest in journalism began during a six-month internship with Ted Koppel during the production of a documentary in China. Tian received guidance from an associate producer named John Alexander whose passion for journalism became contagious. Unexpectedly, Alexander suffered heart failure in China that ended in his life at the age of 26. Like Alexander, Tian became passionate about reporting and regarded it one way to remember Alexander. Tian took his second six-month internship with CBS News Beijing bureau, where he learned the basics of TV news. He worked as a fulltime researcher for Yuanfang Media, a Beijing-based documentary company before coming to California. Tian hopes to develop his talents here at Berkeley and report a story from China that western society has yet to hear.

Stories by Ye

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