Jody London’s Apple Cider-braised Turkey and more

Photo coutesy tuchodi via Flickr.

Photo coutesy tuchodi via Flickr.

Jody London, the school board member for North Oakland’s district one, has shared her recipes on before. Her constituents are often treated to her cookies at meetings she hosts and today she’s sent out three of her favorite holiday recipes.

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Here’s Jody:

When Thanksgiving is at my house I make this Apple Cider-braised turkey from Cooking Light Magazine. I double bag the turkey in the brine, put the whole thing in the cooler with ice, and put the cooler in a corner or outside. Super simple and delicious.

The torn out magazine page Jody uses to prep her Apple Cider-braised Turkey.

This year I’m bringing mashed sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie to my mom’s. For the sweet potatoes, I boil or bake them; peel them; throw them in the mixer with a couple of eggs, a little milk, vanilla, brown sugar, salt. Bake about 20 min. I like to put marshmallows on top the last 5 min, the big ones that get puffy and golden…mmmmmm!

Next up is Chanukah. For that, it’s both potato and curry sweet potato latkes. No time now to send those recipes, but the secret on the potato latkes is a bit of cinnamon.

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