Month: January 2011

Oakland celebrates Chinese New Year at the annual Lunar Bazaar

On Saturday and Sunday, Oakland’s Chinese community came out to buy, sell and celebrate at the New Year Lunar Bazaar. The bazaar, which was started by the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce in 1991, takes place every year at 9th and Franklin Streets in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza.

Volunteer tax preparers spread the word on earned income tax credit

When it comes to groups that fight poverty, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t immediately come to mind. But the CEO of Alameda County’s First 5 program, which funds efforts to support families with young children, says the IRS provides an overlooked service to low-income families, boosting their incomes substantially with a tax credit.

Seasonally inspired street food rolls into town

In a light-filled spacious kitchen, Jeff Gallishaw slices open an orange, squeezes out all the juice and adds it to a cup of homemade soda water mixed with simple syrup. He is working in your typical commercial kitchen, complete with refrigerators, sinks, a stove, griddle and oven. But at the end of the day, he can start up his engine and drive this kitchen away.

Hundreds of thousands of diapers donated in Oakland

Diaper costs are something that many non-parents don’t think about. Individual diapers seem relatively inexpensive and are often considered part of the cost of childcare, but for homeless or low-income families finding $1,100 a year for diapers, which is the average yearly cost to diaper a baby, can be an overwhelming household expense.

This weekend in Oakland

Community events and activities for the weekend of January 28-30. Got an event we didn’t know about? Please add it in the comments!

KQED’s Forum seeks local characters for radio show

KQED radio producers need guests, and they want your suggestions. They’re looking for “leaders, unsung heroes, world-class innovators, and other notable characters” to be featured in a new segment called “First Person” on the weekday radio program Forum on 88.5 FM. “We wanted to carve out a place for locals to come in and tell their story, whether or not there is a ‘hook’ for it,” said Forum Senior Editor Dan Zoll in a statement. “Guests will include everyone from…

The new 81st Avenue Library opens its doors Saturday

At a time when local governments talk more about cutting public services than providing new ones, Oakland’s newest library branch bucks the trend. No modest affair, the new 81st Avenue Library opens its doors Saturday in one of the city’s most troubled areas.

Oakland Police Department releases new details in officer-involved shooting

This morning, the Oakland Police Department released new details about the January 26 shooting of Martin Flenaugh, 19, by police. According to an OPD press release, police were investigating reports of gunshots fired near the 7600 block of Lockwood late Wednesday afternoon by two men in a red Infinity.  The police pursued a car matching that description, which ran a red light, crashed into another vehicle, spun out and burst into flames near the 8500 block of San Leandro. Jereme Brown,…

School board hears grief over shooting, examines budget

Teachers in Oakland can expect a 2 percent raise next year, but that was the only positive budget news from Wednesday night’s school board meeting. The district is expecting to lose more of its state funding this year, is running low on much of its one-time-use federal funding and continues to struggle with low enrollment.

What’s in your wallet? Maybe lead, a toxic metal

Oakland’s Center for Environmental Health tests everyday objects for lead, a toxic heavy metal that is associated with impaired cognitive and behavioral development in children. It may be no further away than your closet.

Artists create live art at Drawing Wednesdays

At a long table set with small lamps giving off an amber-hued glow, 15 people sit alongside each other, stooped over sketchpads, drawing. Some people are working with pen and ink, others paint with watercolors, while some draw with charcoal or pencils. Every person sitting at the table is a professional artist and was invited to Levende East for a weekly event called “Drawing Wednesdays.”