Local wrestlers react to decision to drop wrestling from Olympics

Local club wrestling team uses the sport of wrestling to gain college scholarships despite the Olympics Committee's decision to ban the sport in 2020.

With the recent decision by the International Olympic Committee to drop wrestling from the 2020 games, a local Oakland club wrestling team decides to pursue the sport anyway.

Click on the player above to watch the video.

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  1. Oveida

    Congratulations to the Wan-Tu-Wazuri Oakland Youth Wrestling Club on their following achievements this past Sat. 2/1/14 in connection with Oakland Tech HS: Ole!! to Ricardo (Ricky) Crespo for earning 1st place on his weight division at the OWT @ Castlemont HS + a well deserved 2014 MVP trophy..but wait!! The cherry on top: Oakland Tech HS took 1st place team trophy….History and solid achievements on the making….3 cheers for Oakland, Hip-hip hooray, Hip-hip hooray, Hip-hip hooray!!!

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