1. Pam Davis

    In regards to the Oakland tree logo “a serpentine latticework of clean lines spreading into an interlocking canopy—is a mystery.”

    The logo was designed and created in mid-seventies by a man who was the Assistant to the City Manager = Walter E. Carroll. He was my father.

    • Silas Lear

      Here’s a link to the photo of the tree (used prior to the mid-seventies). The logo was used by the Janss Corporation of Thousand Oaks, CA.

      • Joe Leggett

        My sister told me that the Janss Corporation (my father was president of the company at one time) donated the logo to the city of Oakland.

        • John Richards

          The Oak logo was an iconic symbol in Thousand Oaks, CA in the very early 1960’s. It was not not designed in the 70’s. I still see it regularly in photos and articles…one of which Silas posted above.

          Here is another example of the logo in Thousand Oaks and still in existence today. https://flic.kr/p/LFWgqw

          Janss Corp. had a long and storied association with the town of Thousand Oaks beginning before development and city-hood. It’s unfortunate the logo did not remain where it started, played such an important symbolic role and was a beacon for the community.

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