Golden State Warriors greet rescue animals at Oakland airport

More than 150 rescue cats and dogs displaced by Hurricane Irma arrived in Oakland in a joint effort between the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors and FedEx.

On Friday, FedEx pilots landed at the Oakland International Airport with a delivery of over 150 animals. The four-legged cargo was a joint effort between FedEx, the Miami Heat and the Golden State Warriors to move cats and dogs out of Miami-Dade hurricane-affected shelters to safer areas. The relocated animals did not have owners and were removed from the shelters to make room for displaced animals that would be reunited with owners after the storm.

Warriors players Jordan Bell and Zaza Pachulia and Adonal Foyle, a retired NBA player who spent much of his career with the Warriors, greeted the rescues on the runway.

“This is what people like me get up every morning to do,” said Ken White, president of the Peninsula Humane Society and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  Peninsula and other organizations such as San Francisco Animal Care and Control coordinated with the ASPCA to take animals to their shelters upon landing.

“The Bay Area loves animals and would be here anyways,” said White with a grin. “The Bay Area also loves its Warriors and were delighted to have them with us.”

Once on the ground, the animals were sorted by SPCA and Humane Society workers, inspected by veterinarians and loaded into vans. The animals were then sent to foster homes and shelters including San Francisco Animal Care and Control, Marin Humane Society and the Humane Society for South West Washington. The animals will remain in shelters or with foster families until adoption.

To learn more about how you can help visit the Peninsula Humane Society, or their Irma donation page to make a contribution. For adoptions, email the San Francisco Animal Care and Control at or call the Marin Humane Society in Novato at 415.506.6225 or Kitty Corner at 415.747.8322.



  1. Edie Debari

    Go Warriors!!
    Thanks for greeting the displaced dogs from HurricaneSandy and donating 20,000.$ to ASPCA !!

  2. Edie Debari

    Go Warriors!!
    Thanks for greeting the displaced dogs from the Hurricanes. And for donating $20,000. TODAY ASPCA!!

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