Benioff Children’s Hospital hosts pilates for athletes, teen physical therapy

Every Monday night, from 7-8 p.m., teenagers gather at the Benioff Children’s Hospital’s Sport Medicine Center in Oakland for a Pilates class. The classroom participants range from young athletes to children regaining their strength after surgeries.

Pilates is a system of physical conditioning involving low- impact exercises. Physical therapist Jessica Medros has been teaching the class for about a year and half. She structures her Pilates workout to match the needs of the participants in the class. “I get to know them as they come every week and I see where they are struggling and how to modify the exercises,” she said. “The ability for them to stop modifications and do the true exercise and really do it well, that’s how we know they are making progress.”

The first class is free for all incoming students.  Following the first class, each session cost $20. Attendees can purchase a punch card for $144 which covers 12 class sessions. Yoga mats, water and towels are provided to all students. Parents are allowed to view the class from the waiting area.

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