Ganja Goddess “weed prom” comes to Oakland

It's prom, but with weed. Bay Area cannabis collective Ganja Goddess hosts prom-themed gala in Oakland.

It’s every high schooler’s prom dream: good music, hot dates, no parents, and weed. Tons of it.

Hosted by Ganja Goddess, a cannabis collective that organizes “weed retreats” for women, the Ganja Goddess Gala was a chance to re-do prom the way the collective members wanted to. With a balloon arch, a photo booth, a DJ set, a dance floor, enough sparkly plastic crowns to go around (because “everyone’s royalty tonight,” one organizer said), and buffet tables piled high with “medicated” treats, the women closely adhered to the prom theme.

For nibbling that night, there was a medicated chocolate fondue fountain, punch and cotton candy, plus ordinary snacks like cookies, cakes, nuts and chips. Upstairs, people lined up for the dab bar, where a man with a long white beard wearing a sparkly gold pant suit and dark rectangular glasses filled the dab rig with different oils and lit it with a small blowtorch.

Click through the video above to see images from the night.

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