Oakland cannabis advocates push forward despite pressure from federal government

Marijuana Regulations

Recreational marijuana sales were legalized in California on January 1 of this year. Since then, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made statements that may jeopardize those in the cannabis business, because federal laws overrule state laws, and marijuana sales remain illegal under US law. This video explores state vs. federal law concerning cannabis sales. In Oakland, Harborside dispensary’s co-founder Andrew De Angelo’s reacts to the possibility of crackdowns and the legal implications of being in this business.

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  1. There are other drugs that exist, that are far more dangerous than cannabis, and they are legal. Cigarettes and alcohol cause much more problems than cannabis does. There’s no real reason outside of money and control that cannabis is illegal.

    So yes, cannabis should be legalized, there’s no good reason for it not to be.

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