Oakland High School football player talks about his experience in the college recruitment process

For high school football players across the country, it’s an uphill battle as they strive to become Division 1A scholar athletes who will go on to play college football. However, for Siale Liku, a junior offensive and defensive tackle at Oakland High School, this uphill battle might soon become a victory.

He is currently being scouted by the University of California Berkeley, University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Fresno State University, San Jose State University, Washington State University, University of Colorado, Illinois State University and many more.

Liku has been playing football for the Wildcats since his freshman year. Liku holds himself to high standards, not just on the field, but inside the classroom, as he receives both A’s and B’s in many of his classes. His work ethic has helped attract the attention of universities.

As his last season with Oakland High School approaches, Liku will be looking to make some lasting impression, not just on college scouts, but on his teammates, coaches, and his school community. Click the video below to learn more about what it’s like for a high school player to be scouted for college teams.

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  1. May all your wishes came true, but seeing your hard work, that going to happen obviously. Good luck and work hard.

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