Beatrice Katcher

Female tattoo artists make their mark in Oakland

The artist wears black latex gloves and dips a needle into ink. She then draws blue waves around a colorless outline of the Buddha, carefully wiping excess ink off of her living canvas. The mechanical hum of the mechanized needle doesn’t interfere with the interaction between tattoo artist, Melissa Taylor of Oakland’s Sacred Tattoo, and…

All-female dance collective, Mix’d Ingrdnts, brings waacking to Oakland

Oakland-based all-female dance collective, Mix’d Ingrdnts, incorporates various dance styles into their routines, including hip-hop, break dancing, samba and waacking – a style of dance from the 70’s that involves moving legs and arms to music beats.

Latham Square undergoes structural changes, hosts music series

Latham Square is an experimental project in a space once entirely open to vehicle traffic, but was transformed into a pedestrian plaza last August. The City of Oakland partnered with the Downtown Oakland Association and design studio Rebar to offer foot-travelers a place to sit and socialize.

OMCA “Changing Bay” exhibit aligns with Bay Bridge opening

“Above and Below: Stories from Our Changing Bay,” an exhibit at the Oakland Museum of California, offers viewers a sensory and immersive experience of the watery world that lies just beyond our city’s shoreline.