Blue Bottle Coffee’s W.C. Morse Cafe becomes a concert hall for a night

Blue Bottle Coffee’s historic W.C. Morse Cafe on Broadway became a casual and intimate concert hall Thursday night as three members of the Oakland East Bay Symphony performed selections from Vivaldi, Debussy and more. Called “Cup of Classical,” the event was the latest in the Oakland East Bay Symphony’s efforts to bring classical music into the community by performing it in non-traditional venues. The symphony hosted a similar event, called “Bach & Brew,” last May that brought together beer aficionados…

Historic tall ships return to Jack London for battles and adventures

Hawaiian Chieftain will make her home at Jack London Square for the next few weeks, her 75-foot-tall mainmast and distinctive square sails attracting the awe and curiosity of passersby. Launched in 1988, she serves as an educational ship, providing what Grays Harbor calls “living history experiences” for K-12 students.

Thousands rally in Oakland to call for an end to fracking

Despite early signs of rain, thousands of people converged in Oakland on Saturday in what organizers are billing as the largest anti-fracking demonstration in U.S. history, calling on Governor Jerry Brown to put an end to hydraulic fracturing in California.