In a city of immigrants, three men share their stories

Oakland is a city of immigrants. According to information provided by, in 2018, Oakland had a population of about 429,000 people, with about a third of the population being from another country. But those census figures may not be accurate. “I think the challenge is that many of them are living in the shadows, so it is really hard to know how many [immigrants] are here,” said Lisa Hoffman, development director for the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, an organization…

Oakland naturalization ceremony welcomes new Americans

Over 1,100 people from 86 different countries took the oath to become United States citizens at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland on Wednesday.   In a warm and thunderous atmosphere, with friends and family whistling and singing, California Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland), the keynote speaker, said, “I am so grateful to welcome all of you, my fellow Americans. I am one of you. Look at me, I made it. To those of you who say you can’t, I say you can.” …

“Intelligent Lives” documentary screening highlights educational needs of students with intellectual disabilities

On Monday evening, parents, students and providers of special needs education in the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) gathered at the Cole Campus to watch the premiere of Intelligent Lives, a documentary by filmmaker Dan Habib. “This movie is a tool to transform and change the label of intellectual disability from a life sentence of isolation,” he said as he spoke from New York in a recorded message to the viewing audience. Parents and educators watched attentively as the documentary…

Ismaail Abdullah Mohammad

Isrnail Abdullah Mohammad is a Sudanese man that came to the United States when he was 8 years old. Over the years Mohammad has adapted to living here in the United States and carries out his day to day activities in the city of Oakland.

Imam Ali Ahmed Mukasa

Imam Ali Ahmed Mukasa, an immigrant from Uganda, has been head of Lighthouse Mosque in Oakland for the last eight years, although for six of those years he has been on a visitation visa. Though he has applied for adjustment of status through a family petition with his wife, his future is uncertain as he waits for an interview that will determine whether he can stay in the country.

Pastor Wilber Kigundu

Pastor Wilber Kigundu immigrated from Uganda almost 18 years ago. He is currently the senior pastor of Abba Church Ministries in Berkeley, where he preaches every Wednesday night with the intention of both spreading his love for Christianity and providing guidance to those that attend.