The Shaolin Master of Oakland

Trained in kung fu at the Shaolin Monastery in Henan, China since the age of 12, Master Larry Li came to the U.S. in 1999. After two years of performing, he came to Oakland and establish his kung fu studio in the Chinatown district.

Time Travel in Emeryville: The Factory Party

by Carlos Davalos / Oakland North Photos by Howard Hsu / Oakland North A congregation of look-alike Andy Warhols is not something that happens often. But on Friday March 6, in an Emeryville warehouse that reproduced the 1960s’ dark, industrial-driven art scene fathered by Warhol, the Third Annual Amoeba Art Show took place. The Factory Party. More than 60 artists showed their paintings, sculptures, installations, films, photographs and other mediums/works. And yes, there were also the Velvet Underground look-alikes, playing…

Highlights and Shadows: Matias A. Bombal

  Matias A. Bombal – Radio personality and M.C. This dude’s straight outta the 1920’s, somehow alive and kicking in 2009. Check him out at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland: Link -h

Highlights and Shadows: KYCC

What’s up y’all. Welcome to my photo blog: Highlights and Shadows. I’ll be posting shots from the streets of Oakland as well as whatever may catch my eye. Oh, and I’m taking a vacation from digital and going old school: b+w film, yo! Stay tuned…