Student perspective: On March 4 during the freeway takeover, some reporters got the story. Four of them got arrested.

On March 4, hundreds of protesters marched from Berkeley to Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland to rally with students and educators from across the region. After the rally, a group of some 150 protesters marched onto the I-880 freeway, shut down traffic and were arrested by police. Some reporters got the story — but four of them, including Oakland North correspondent Jake Schoneker, got arrested. Schoneker shares his account of the day, in pictures and words.

St. Mary’s Cemetery

Tuesday was Kiko Hernandez’s 36th birthday. For the occasion, loved ones gathered at his place, showering him with gifts, flowers and balloons. Like many with a late fall/early winter birthday, his birthday celebration coincided with the approach of Christmas, and so a Christmas tree was placed thoughtfully at the center of the collection of gifts. By all indications, Hernadez’s friends and family threw him a wonderful party—and if Hernandez had been alive to see it, he might have told them…

Lights, camera, SWAT team: NBC films Trauma in downtown Oakland

A showdown at Bayside Mutual Bank blocked traffic Tuesday, while police worked to diffuse a bank robbery gone bad. Police cars piled up and FBI agents swarmed the intersection of 21st and Broadway in downtown Oakland. SWAT teams swiftly moved into position. A rooftop sniper carefully took aim. And then: Reuben “Rabbit” Palchuck arrived on the scene.

Poetry and science collide

On Tuesday, the Julia Morgan School for Girls welcomed Mary Ann Hoberman and Linda Winston, co-editors of the new children’s poetry book The Tree That Time Built: A Celebration of Nature, Science, and Imagination. Hoberman is the author of over 40 children’s books and is the National Children’s Poet Laureate, while Winston is a cultural anthropologist and teacher. At the middle school, located on the Mills College campus, were 120 sixth and seventh grade girls eager to hear excerpts from…

Repairs begin on Bay Bridge

Caltrans crews worked through the night to begin repairing a section of the Bay Bridge that collapsed onto the upper deck last night. The upper and lower levels have both been closed to traffic and a construction team is currently working on the bridge.