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Juan Reyes

Brew school at the Diving Dog Brewhouse

Each month, the beer market is flooded with brand new flavors, and sometimes people want to know exactly what goes into a batch of freshly brewed beer. Rob Bailard is the brain behind Diving Dog Brewhouse in downtown Oakland, which allows anyone from beer connoisseurs to non-drinkers to experience the brewing process. At the Brewhouse, beer director Derrik Battaglia is the one who keeps the beer flowing. The 30-year old Oakland native has been helping Bailard set up beer drinkers with…

At North Oakland hackerspace, enthusiasts tinker with microcontrollers

Ace Monster Toys, a North Oakland-based hackerspace, hosted its first-ever Arduino Night on Wednesday, as a handful of attendees had a chance to tinker with microcontrollers. Microcontrollers, which are small low power computers that don’t require a keyboard, mice or monitor to work, can be found in gadgets that control something as simple as a button that turns on a light or moves a toy robot.

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