Max Levenson

Therapists, Role Models, Spies: An Oakland school trains students to help mediate campus conflict

Peer mediators serve as “Mr. Kyle” McClerkins’ eyes and ears around school. They listen to fellow students, help them take responsibility for their actions and decide on appropriate consequences. McClerkins’ peer mediator program is part of a larger framework called the Restorative Justice Whole School Model, implemented in Oakland since 2005, and existing in various forms around the country, from Chicago to New Orleans.

SALTA dance collective puts a spotlight on the experimental

SALTA is a dance collective formed in 2012 by seven young women seeking an East Bay alternative to the dance scene in San Francisco, where many dancers can’t afford to live and often have trouble finding a venue to perform

Bicycle Coalition Plans Controversial Cycling Lane for Telegraph Avenue

The East Bay Bike Coalition is currently in the planning stages of a potential bike lane for Telegraph Avenue. As they consider several designs to help keep cyclists safer, however, they are finding themselves running up against opposition from businesses that may have their on-street parking removed to make way for the bike lane.

Oakland’s Waterstrider returns to New Parish with new lineup, songs

The New Parish is packed – with couples trying to dance a two-step, with indisputably underage girls taking selfies, with raucous laughter, with the sounds of congas and pulsating bass lines. And, rising above it all, an exceptional falsetto that captures every eye and ear in the place.

Antique Naked Soul ensemble creates manifesto music with the human voice

Today Antique is wearing a black skirt over green tights, a boldly-striped tank top over a black long-sleeve shirt, bright earrings that look like ice cream cones you might find in a Dr. Seuss story, an orange and black bandanna in her hair, and black 1950s-style cat’s eye glasses with sparkles in the corners. “I dress in different eras every day,” she says. The music she creates, however, is naked. As the lead vocalist of the ensemble Antique Naked Soul,...

Beet Generation brings fresh juice to Temescal Farmer’s Market

Ross Chan and Ron Parvini’s juicing business, Beet Generation, was inspired by Chan’s new healthy lifestyle brought on by the adoption of his daughter, Brooklyn. The stand opens weekly at the Temescal Farmer’s Market.

School building dedicated to longtime elementary educator

Caroline Chin Yee, a veteran Oakland educator who died earlier this year, was honored with Wednesday’s dedication of an education annex at the school she attended as a child and served as principal.

In the face of criticism, OPD’s Ceasefire strives to move forward

Pastor Billy Dixon Jr. leaned forward in his seat. “Do you know what 26 seconds of solid gunfire sounds like?” he asked. He placed his cell phone on the table, and started a timer. “Bang bang bang … !” he cried repeatedly, as a table full of Oakland North reporters, students at the UC Berkeley…