Nate Sheidlower

Cannabis industry in limbo as California ends pot prohibition

With the passage of Proposition 64 on the November 8 ballot, and new statewide medical cannabis regulations about to be implemented, California state regulators get to spend the next 13 months establishing all the rules needed for a state-regulated system. And it won’t be an easy task.

Construction boom brings industry jobs back to the Bay Area

Eight years after the financial meltdown on Wall Street, the Bay Area construction industry has finally managed to recover all the jobs it lost in the Great Recession. “From what I’ve seen and heard, we are doing better now than we were before the recession,” said Andreas Cluver, secretary-treasurer of the Building and Construction Trades…

Labor Day picnic celebrates working person, attendees talk politics

Union members from Oakland and surrounding cities came to Alameda Point Park on Monday to enjoy some free hot dogs and to celebrate their solidarity at the annual East Bay Labor Day picnic. Political activity was not on the official program, but talk of the election could be heard coming from nearly every tent.