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Olivia Rempel

The future of tech in Oakland, as seen in 11 new spaces

Oakland’s technology scene is in flux. Like other cities, its government, its residents, and its businesses are trying to evolve with new technologies. Schools are trying to incorporate them into their curriculums, the owners of parking lots are figuring out how best to accommodate the fast growing numbers of electric cars. Longtime residents and businesses are navigating their place in the new economy even as tech startups seeking cheaper rent move in. Eleven Bay Area Bandwidth reporters hit the streets…

Learn Tech Labs: Silicon Valley skills for all

For years, Oakland-based Learn Tech Labs co-founders Bella Baek and Jordan Hart heard the same complaint from employers and jobseekers in tech fields. Colleges weren’t teaching graduates practical skills, and coding bootcamps weren’t offering the computer science foundation needed for many programming jobs. Hart says he used to interview people with computer science degrees who had never heard of Git, the industry standard software that allows users to track changes in their code and collaborate. “It wasn’t like they’d been…

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