Richard Parks

Club finds a new way to reduce stress: laughter yoga

Recent studies show that the amount and frequency of your chuckles are proportionally linked to stress levels and general well-being. Like the science but aren’t one of those who can chuckle on cue? You might want to join the Lifefire Laughter Club of Oakland.

Guerilla knitters “yarn bomb” sculpture on Oakland-Berkeley border

The “HERE” and “THERE” sculptures on the Oakland-Berkeley border have become the site of a dispute between the City of Berkeley and an anonymous group of guerilla knitters, who have created a “T cozy” over part of the sculpture. On Sunday, the group held a “T party” to bring attention to their piece.

Lois the Pie Queen

Neither the pies nor the woman upon whom a royal appellation was bestowed for making them is in evidence at Lois the Pie Queen at 9 a.m. this Wednesday morning. That’s no surprise—Lois died many years ago, and everybody knows her granddaughter Margot now makes the pies. Her dad Chris, Lois’ son, runs the joint…

Scene & Heard: Shirt, Shoes, No Service

You see the darnedest things in Northwestern Oakland during an evening constitutional. That’s how we happened upon this heap of raiment on Sunday night on Genoa Street near 56th. This curious clump of clothes reads like the droppings of some afternoon wanderer who, seeing that it was opposite day, elected to obey the inverse of…

11/9/09 Monday coffee, Jake’s haircut

Good Afternoon North Oakland, Are you surprised at the outcome of last night’s Cowboys-Eagles game? Our own Jake Shonecker surely is. The young reporter and Philadelphia native will have to cut his long and curly locks after losing a friendly bet to fellow O.N. staffer Lauren Callahan. His Eagles fell to the Dallas team, 20-16.…

The Lakeview librarian’s wedding cakes

A great little recipe by Mary Riehle, who teaches knitting at the Lakeview branch of the Oakland Public Library. She’s also published a book of Christmas cookie recipes. Here’s her recipe for Mexican Wedding Cakes (also called “Russian Tea Cakes”). Mexican Wedding Cakes Ingredients 1 cup butter 1/2 cup powdered sugar 2 cups flower 1…

Right turn on wrong-way parking?

Just when you thought the Oakland parking wars had come to an end, parking rules are once again on the agenda. The City Council will consider easing enforcement against wrong-way parkers tonight.

Scene & Heard: The Kingfish

The recently re-opened Kingfish Pub & Café on Claremont Avenue east of Telegraph is essentially a squat, low-ceilinged fisherman’s hut inexplicably marqueed with a large ad for 7-Up. The paint-job is marine green—pretty much the color of Ariel the mermaid’s tail—with white trim. There are the requisite neon window hangers advertising Camel cigarettes, Corona, Sierra…