East Bay BRT project rolls closer to reality

The finish line is near for Alameda-Contra Costa County Transit’s proposed “Rapid Bus Transit” line, which would have its own new fleet of buses, new stations and a dedicated traffic lane running 9.5 miles between the Uptown Transit Center on 20th Street near Telegraph in downtown Oakland and the San Leandro Bart station, following International Boulevard most of the way.

Shuttle fans gather at Chabot for Endeavour’s final flight

“Space is my middle name,” said elementary school student Cameron Weignant on Friday morning at the Chabot Space and Science Center as his mother adjusted the tinted visor on his helmet.  While about a hundred people of all ages had come up to the observatory above Oakland hoping for a glimpse of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on its final flyover of California, only Cameron had arrived in a full astronaut costume. “He’s been interested in space since he was 2,”…

Nearly six months later, two Occupy benefit albums struggle to break even

In May, Rob “Reason” Silver, a part-time record producer from Oakland, and Jason Samel, the owner of a small insurance brokerage in New York, announced their nearly identical but independently conceived plans to bring a new element into the national Occupy protest—marketability. Both had come to the conclusion that there was potential within the anti-capitalistic, determinedly decentralized protest to sell a product that could help raise funds and draw in new supporters. In May, both men launched Occupy benefit albums.

Oakland restores City Hall plaza and lawn, damaged by Occupy campsite

Nearly a year after the Occupy protest coalesced in downtown Oakland, a longsuffering casualty of the protest is finally being attended to as the City of Oakland begins a full-scale restoration of the lawn of Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. The project involves the removal and replacement of all grass sod in the plaza—a new lawn, essentially, from scratch.