Oakland Film Center must vacate former Army base to make room for new development

On a rainy Friday afternoon, Andrew Lewis is patrolling the crammed, dark aisles of his warehouse. “In this business,” he says, stopping in front of a few faux-phonebooths, “you just acquire stuff.” In close quarters with the booths, under the orange sodium lights hung high from the dark wood rafters, are street signs from The Matrix sequels, a hollow jukebox from Milk, plaster radiators from RENT, and stacks of fake lobster traps from the recent Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman…

Dr. Comics store welcomes novices and serious buffs alike

Michael Pandolfo’s childhood comic store was dark, dingy, and intimidating. He remembers the shop was full of the condescending comic book fans he calls “rules lawyers”—comic book experts who show disdain for non-experts. It wasn’t a welcoming place for any but the most shunned, resentful reader. This old store, where he bought his first issues of Conan the Barbarian, loomed large in his mind when he opened his own comic shop Dr. Comics & Mr. Games on Piedmont Avenue in…

Oakland Raiders, students sort food at Alameda County food banks

When Brad Lubeck, 11, and his mother Stacey showed up at the Alameda County Community Food Bank for an afternoon of volunteering with his Boy Scout troop, he didn’t expect much in the way of thrills. Food bank staff showed Brad and the others what to do with the broccoli and carrots they’d be unloading, and said it would be the Scouts’ job to teach the process to another group of volunteers arriving shortly.

Then the surprise was sprung. Six giants in black and silver strolled up to the boys and asked for instructions. The Oakland Raiders had arrived.

This Weekend in Oakland

Community events and activities for the weekend of November 9-11 2012. Got an event we didn’t know about? Please add it in the comments! Friday, November 9 Sonar: An Electronic Music Festival from Barcelona 7pm Fox Theatre, 1807 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA Sonar On Tour features electronic music and new media art from Barcelona’s annual Sonar festival, which began in 1994. Friday’s event is headlined by South African rap-rave artist Die Antwoord. Tickets range from $39.50-$49.50. For more information, click here. …

A’s fans watch World Series parade with dejection, unexpected hope

For many A’s fans, seeing the Giants flourish in the national spotlight—for the second time in three years—is a bitter end to what had once been a promising year for the A’s. But over one million people flooded into San Francisco from all over the Bay Area on Wednesday—including many from the East Bay, where fans clogged all BART lines into the city to see the Giants’ celebrate.

Undaunted by Detroit loss, fans, Mayor Quan rally for Oakland A’s

There may be no stronger tie of identity between city and team than Oakland has with the Athletics. Known to the rest of the country as the sometimes-suffering underdog, the city of Oakland and its baseball team both benefit from the fierce loyalty of locals. This sentiment was at Frank Ogawa Plaza Monday night, when Mayor Jean Quan and representatives from the Oakland A’s held an eleventh-hour rally for fans ready to welcome home their team home from Detroit.

Oaksterdam welcomes unlikely presidential candidate, Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr is running for president. It was clear, when she addressed a packed house at Oaksterdam University on Thursday night, that the bulk of the crowd was there to hear her say that out loud. Former Democratic Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney delivered an introduction to the evening, cutting directly to the chase. “We are meeting here,” she said, “because the Peace and Freedom Party had the courage and the smarts to nominate Roseanne Barr as their presidential candidate.”