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Steve Saldivar

City Hall OKs Oakland City ID Program. Well, Sort of.

BY Steve Saldivar The City Council voted 6 to 1 in favor of the ordinance allowing Oakland to have a City ID program – as long as council members Ignacio De La Fuente and Jean Quan can do their math homework. De La Fuente and Quan received strong support from a packed hall but council members Desley Brooks and Larry Reid were vocal about looking at the economics of the program-especially given Oakland’s $83 million budget deficit. “You are forcing…

Temescal Library Thinking Outside the Tool Box

By STEVE SALDIVAR Books?  No, give me a wrench, ask many  Oakland residents who use the Temescal Library. The branch holds 29,000 books, and rents out 4,000 books, CDs and movies a month.  Its Tool Lending Program, started in 2001,  checks out 3,000 tools a month and that number is growing.

The Way it Was

Last Sunday afternoon, Matt Siee dressed in knee high socks with a wool white top picked up a 42-ounce ash bat to play baseball circa 1886.

Take Me Out to the $2 Ball Game

There’s a disparity between the sport Americans love to play but can’t afford to watch. The Oakland Athletics are changing that one Wednesday at a time. By STEVE SALDIVAR

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