Oakland North Now 8.10.09 Update @ 9:19 p.m.

Serious police action this evening on a stretch of Rockridge’s College Avenue, the block just north of Chabot. Multiple squad cars are parked across College and police are turning away auto traffic and pedestrians while remaining tight-lipped about what’s underway, which they are so far describing as a “missing little kid.” Two people were shot in East Oakland this morning. They are expected to survive. Check out Matt O’Brien’s piece on Oakland’s Salvadoran festival. The Oakland Housing Authority gets a…

Oakland sends BART board back to the drawing board

The BART board listened last Thursday as Oakland residents made some corrections and additions to the draft model for a Citizen Oversight Committee presented by BART. The draft the board presented on Monday called for a Citizen Oversight Committee and an independent auditor. The committee would be made up of 11 members.and  an independent auditor who would have subpoena power to talk to any BART police officer and “unfettered” access to police personnel records and police reports once a complaint…

Oakland North Now 8.7.09

Did you miss out on the ribbon-cutting celebration at the Lake Merritt Boathouse? No worries. Our Oakland’s got you covered. The council is “enjoying” recess but perhaps that might change soon. OakBook asks if there should be term lmits for City Council. Vote! Check out this YouTube video on a National Night Out Block Party.

Oakland North Now 8.6.09

Steve Brown gets down with the DD Report. Check out the latest book of the East Bay  – “Grassroots Guide to Oakland and Berkeley.” A fire in Oakland leaves three Oakland residents homeless.

Oakland North Now 8.5.09

Local bloggers attend the Grand Lake Theater meeting. Allen Michaan raises his threats against the city of Oakland, but is he a bigger threat to smaller businesses? Check out the official (unofficial) AC Transit blog. Speaking of which. Check out Riding the 54 AC Transit bus. Will Dorota Lamoree be allowed to stay in Oakland?

Despite tough restrictions, youth find Oakland jobs from stimulus

Non-profit organizations were ready to hand out pay-checks to underprivileged youth in Oakland this summer but were unprepared for the reality checks that went with them. President Barack Obama’s stimulus package last February made it possible for Oakland to hire 1,000 youth this summer, but some agencies said the stringent qualifications narrowed the applicant pool to much.  Applicants had to be at risk, which meant being a school dropout, homeless, an offender, pregnant or someone who “requires additional assistance to…

LIVE coverage of council meeting 7.28.09

Reporting from the Chambers. LIVE! 5:34 p.m. – Agenda lists Nancy Nadel is currently in Jamaica. She will speak via teleconference all the way from Blue Harbour Castle Gardens in Port Maria, Jamaica, West Indies. This will be interesting. 5:47 p.m.  -Council members are in! Ignacio De La Fuente walks in with Animal, the drummer from Sesame Street. I’m reserving judgment.  We are now being asked to rise for The Pledge of Allegiance. 5:55 p.m. – “Efficiency,  transparency and accountability….

Waiting at the Greyhound bus depot

The bold sign over the Greyhound station in Oakland says “BUS” in big letters, each bigger than a man.  There are no windows, only doors to buses.  The doors lead to terminals where the buses pull in and stop.  During the day, the doors are the only source of sunlight. At 7 a.m. on a Wednesday, the station is already warm despite the emptiness. The security guard gets up from his stool. He  waves a metal detector over my body…

Oakland North Now 7.16.09

You and Oakland should really be facebook friends. Speaking of which. Be our friend! First day on the job for superintendent Tony Smith. Homes in Oakland and in the Bay Area experience a sales jump! Don’t know where to take her out this Friday night? Head on over to the Chabot Space and Science Center. It worked for Jessica Yadegaran.

Oakland North Now 7.15.09

What is happening to our vets? Go through Street Cinema’s schedule for some interesting flicks. It looks like BART and the union are back to square one. Will there be less sideshows this summer?

Oakland North Now 7.14.09

What’s the biggest trend in fashion in Oakland? R.I.P. T-shirts. The blogs have been breaking down the Oakland Airport Connector better than most. Just in time for today’s Public works Comittee meeting on the subject. Sim Oakland? Yes! Where City planning and video games meet. Build a city for the benefit of Oakland. Develop a walking route in Oakland’s coolest places.