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Letter from the Community: An Oakland Mother’s Story

By Jilala Foley/Special to Oakland North My son was shot this week; one bullet lodged in his back, beneath his kidney, and the other went through his arm, breaking the bone as it passed. He had made the not-too-wise choice to attend a side show in East Oakland. Consistent with past events, there were gun shots and my son was this week’s unfortunate victim.

Door-breakdown burglaries subject of meeting tonight

by ISABEL ESTERMAN Nov. 13–Nanci, 50, a teacher living in Montclair, hardly ever uses her front door.  She and her family just go in through the carport.  But one bright Tuesday  afternoon in September, a burglar came right through it.  “They just broke the door,” says Nanci, who asked her last name be withheld because of the recent burglary.  The deadbolt was locked, she and her husband say, but their hollow-core door barely slowed the burglar down.  It gave way…

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