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1927: Rockridge scandalized by pagan love cult

The sleepy Rockridge district was an unlikely home for scandal. But in 1927, it came to light that a small Rockridge bungalow had become the international headquarters of a mystical society called the “Great White Brotherhood.”

Voices from Rockridge’s early days

In 1954, local historian Frank X. Flood interviewed many of Rockridge’s first settlers about what it was like back in the “good old days.” These are their reminiscences in their own words.

The Livermores: Rockridge’s Founding Family

The Livermores were one of the earliest families to settle in Rockridge, and contributed significantly to its development in the early twentieth century. In addition to turning the large tracts of land above Broadway into residential areas, they were also involved in the establishment of public utilities and lumbering in California. Read on for more on Rockridge’s founding family.

Photo trek: Oakland in the rain

After a dry winter, Oakland and the greater Bay Area are experiencing a surge of rain. Today, reporter Lexi Pandell walks you through Rockridge, Montclair and Lakeshore with a special look at how residents deal with the wet weather as part of our continuing series of Oakland street photography.

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