Kathleen Seccombe

Startup provides online marketplace for Bay Area food producers

Rob Spiro and Alon Salant founded Good Eggs, a website where local food producers can sell their products in the Bay Area. On this site, food shoppers can load up their virtual shopping cart with anything from locally-caught fish and fresh produce, to vegan pastries and baby food, which they can have delivered to their door step or ready for pick up from various locations in their area.

Community photo of the week: Oakland Grand Prix

Every week, Oakland North will publish a photo submitted by one of our readers. This week’s image was sent by Judi Quach Rivas. Rivas writes, “I didn’t even know the Oakland Grand Prix existed, or was happening! Just stumbled upon it while walking to the park. Great surprise!” If you’d like to contribute to “community photo…

Pandora faces competition from Apple’s iTunes Radio amidst financial losses

After just a few days on the job, Brian McAndrews, the new Chief Executive Officer of Internet radio giant Pandora, is already faced with a serious challenge. As of Wednesday, the company is competing with Apple’s new iTunes Radio service, which many analysts believe could end Pandora’s long-standing domination of the Internet radio market. McAndrews’…