You Tell Us: Stop the fear – Oakland will be just fine

Oakland’s 420,000 residents will go on with their lives in the days following the Mehserle trial, the verdict, and whatever protests that may occur. They will continue to live peaceful and productive lives, working, playing, raising their families, and enjoying one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

You Tell Us: Rebuild Oakland’s streets to make them safer

With a bicycle fatality, a little girl hit by a car and multiple car accidents along Market Street in the past couple of months, it’s high time that this community begin a dialogue about the relationship between pedestrians, bicycles, automobiles, safety and the design of roadways and our public spaces.

Student perspective: On March 4 during the freeway takeover, some reporters got the story. Four of them got arrested.

On March 4, hundreds of protesters marched from Berkeley to Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland to rally with students and educators from across the region. After the rally, a group of some 150 protesters marched onto the I-880 freeway, shut down traffic and were arrested by police. Some reporters got the story — but four of them, including Oakland North correspondent Jake Schoneker, got arrested. Schoneker shares his account of the day, in pictures and words.

Letter from the Community: An Oakland mother’s story

By Jilala Foley/Special to Oakland North My son was shot this week; one bullet lodged in his back, beneath his kidney, and the other went through his arm, breaking the bone as it passed. He had made the not-too-wise choice to attend a side show in East Oakland. Consistent with past events, there were gun shots and my son was this week’s unfortunate victim.