Exposing the sensuous red velvet cupcake

What’s behind the popularity of red velvet cake? Is it the texture, enhanced by the chemistry of buttermilk? The cream cheese frosting? Or perhaps, it’s the color red. Anrica Deb explores the food science behind the cupcake craze.

NASA moon rocket due to land at 4:30 a.m.

As you read this a satellite is rocketing at 2,668 mph on a one-way trip to the moon. Early Friday morning, NASA scientists plan to drive two pieces of the satellite into the surface of the moon to look for signs of water.

A bike, a kid, and a welding gun

Ismael Plasencia is one of those lucky people who considers his job, “a dream come true.”  Among his other responsibilities at West Oakland’s The Crucible, Plasencia manages the incredibly popular bike program.  The bike program offers eight bike fix-a-thons a year, where anyone can bring their bike to get fixed, as well as youth classes in bike mechanics, Earn-a-Bike, and frame alteration, Hyphy Bikes. The Crucible, an industrial arts school and community outreach program in West Oakland, was looking for…

Stem cell ban reversal hits close to home

By Lauren Rudser and Brittney Johnson/ Oakland North Last week, the Obama administration reversed bans, put into place under former President Bush, on Stem Cell research using federal funds. See how this is affecting one local couple.