Oakland school nurse Danielle Schaefer administers a vision test—one of her many daily tasks. The nurses say their workload is overwhelming and unsustainable.

Facing shortages, Oakland school nurses concerned about meeting student health needs

In Oakland, a shortage of school nurses has led to difficult working conditions—heavy caseload, treating severe health conditions, and high stress—that nurses say make it challenging to meet the health needs of Oakland students.

Largest strike in history yields higher pay, safer work conditions for hotel workers

More than 7,700 hotel workers across the country walked off of their jobs and began the largest strike in history against the largest hotel corporation in the world, Marriott.

‘Swap Mama’ sews new life into old clothes

Bay Area Swap-O-Rama-Rama teaches people how to repurpose their used clothing through sewing in order to make clothes last longer and keep them out of landfills.

Thingamakids: Oakland students make music from scratch

A teaching artist with Thingamajigs taught a weeklong workshop at charter school East Bay Innovation Academy on "sound engineering," where students learned about physics, design, and mathematics by making their own instruments and learning about...
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A child sits on an adult’s shoulders to see above the dense crowd during one of the traditional performances by Aztec dancers at the Unity Council’s Día de los Muertos festival on November 4. Just ahead, a sign hangs from a neighborhood arch, with artwork by local artist Eduardo Chaidez.

Artists and dancers celebrate culture, community, and the dead on Día de los Muertos

The festival’s theme wove through the 26 altars assembled by local artists as well as artwork created by this year’s poster contest winner Eduardo Chaidez. The poster features an illustrated image of a little girl...

The price of your vote

Over $6 million: That’s how much money flowed into the war chests of Oakland candidates and PACs in the November election for mayor and city council seats.
James Cox buckles in her daughter, Yemaya, as they head to Creative Explorers—a child care center that meets Cox's unique needs.

Adventures in babysitting: Oakland parents struggle to find the right child care

In Alameda County, there are multiple barriers—cost, capacity, hours of service—that parents have to navigate in order to access quality child care.
On November 19, urban search and rescue teams combed through the ashes of neighborhoods searching for any trace of human remains, such as bone fragments.

Paradise, Calif., is in ruins after deadliest, most destructive fire in state history razes most homes

First responders are combing through the desolate scene, where ashes now take the place of where entire neighborhoods once stood. The vast majority of homes were destroyed by the Camp Fire, and not much remains...
Tales of Two Cities brings you audio stories from Oakland and Richmond. Design by Angelica Casas.

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Hear from people finding their own place on spectrums of language, hookup culture, neurodiversity, and politics.
Donna Anderson marks on a map the house number she just visited in Sobrante Park as she makes her way through the neighborhood Saturday morning.

Volunteers gather residents’ concerns about racial disparity one neighborhood at a time

Volunteers are collecting 500 stories from Oakland residents hoping to address issues of racial disparity one door knock at a time.