The Wheels of Justice cyclery, nestled in the foothills of Montclair, is a community-oriented bike shop whose aim is to create a welcoming atmosphere for families and give back to the children of the bay area. Daniel Watson and Justice Baxter (from whom the store draws its name) opened the store in 2003 because they wanted kids in the area to have opportunities that they lacked when they were young…More

A bike, a kid, and a welding gun: Brilliant

Ismael Plasencia is one of those lucky people who considers his job, “a dream come true.” Among his other responsibilities at West Oakland’s The Crucible, Plasencia manages the incredibly popular bike program. The bike program offers eight bike fix-a-thons a year, where anyone can bring their bike to get fixed, as well as youth classes in bike mechanics, Earn-a-Bike, and frame alteration, Hyphy Bikes.

Thank You, Come Again

They do things a little different — Wheels of Justice is a
friendly, personable bike shop that strives for customer satisfaction…More

Bike Mania: The Love of a Sport

Employees at Montclair’s Wheels of Justice talk about their enthusiasm for cycling.

Meet Dylan

Meet Joe

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