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A’s fans watch World Series parade with dejection, unexpected hope

Zack (left) and his son Julien Etnyre have split baseball loyalties, but little animosity when it comes to the Giants victory. Photo by Mihir Zaveri.

For many A’s fans, seeing the Giants flourish in the national spotlight—for the second time in three years—is a bitter end to what had once been a promising year for the A’s. But over one million people flooded into San Francisco from all over the Bay Area on Wednesday—including many from the East Bay, where fans clogged all BART lines into the city to see the Giants’ celebrate.

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Beards, panda hats and a citywide party

Panda girl

San Francisco threw a giant party Wednesday, as hundreds of thousand of Giants fans flooded downtown to celebrate their baseball team’s first World Series title since moving to the Bay Area more than a half-century ago.

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Cheer the beard: Giants win first S.F. World Series

Looking up at the bar’s television and surrounded by strangers Monday night, Marie Bolten was wiping away tears moments after the San Francisco Giants won the first World Series title in the city’s history. “Oh my god, I’m so excited,” said Bolten, 35, at Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub in Rockridge. “I’ve been a Giants fan for 15 years. Baseball is such a beautiful game, and the Giants have played amazing ball. Seeing them win is like giving birth for me.”

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